Finnish M39
Mosin Nagant

7.62 x 54r Cal.

Puolustuslaitos marked 1941 Finnish M39
Sestroryetsk Receiver
Made by Sako
Wartime rounded finger joints
Sako semi pistol grip stock

Right Side of Rifle

Left Side of Rifle

Top Side Of Rifle

Rifle Torn Down

Top to Bottom
Sako (Makers Mark)
Puolustuslaitos (Early Finnish Mark, later changed to SA in a box)
Serial #
Year Made (1941)

Left Side of Rifle


Sight Graduation Marks (100s of meters) 3600 Pressure Proof Mark and SA Mark

3600 Pressure Proof Mark and SA Mark Unknown Mark

Receiver and Bolt

Under Tang Reads 98 for 1898 and "Sestroryetsk Arrow" 
Sestroryetsk was a Russian Arsenal

Bolt Serial #
Unknown Mark

Right Side Of Rifle

Stock Makers Mark (left) #2 unknown

Stock repair
Unknown Mark


Bottom Of Rifle


Magazine Floor Plate Serial #

SAKO Wartime Stock

Barrel Removed


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