Finnish M39
Mosin Nagant

7.62 x 54r Cal.

Puolustuslaitos marked 1941 Finnish M39
1899 Tula Receiver
Made by Sako
Wartime rounded finger joints
Tula Marks on Reveiver, trigger, and butt plate,
Izhevsk marks on bolt
Sako straight stock

Sako Straight Stock


Left Photo:  (top to bottom) Sako mark, Puolustuslaitos mark, Serial #, Year (1941)
Note: no [SA] (boxed SA) marks on rifle anywhere

Right Photo: (top to bottom) Tula hammer, 99 for year 1899

Izhevsk bolt with struck out ser#




Left Photo: pressure proof marks

Sako stock mark

Before Cleaning


Right Photo: Izhevsk Bow and Arrow
Bolt body marks


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