Finnish M39
Mosin Nagant

7.62 x 54r Cal.

40% (plus) original blue
matching barrel, bolt & forced floor plate
Sako marked war time stock
 unknown receiver (haven't looked yet)
Bright sharp bore
Arsenal Tag


1943 Sako






1915 Tula Hammer on the Tang

Typical of a Finnish Bolt, it is made up of "parts" from many different arsenals

Bolt Head with
Izhevsk "bow and arrow" mark

Connecting Bar with Remington "R in a circle"

Bolt Body with Châtellerault "C in a circle" mark

Cocking Piece with a Sako "Sako Gear"

I goofed up and did not take a photo of the firing pin wich had a Tula "Hammer" mark. (later)

The only arsanals missing on this bolt are Sestroretsk and New England Westinghouse

Butt Plate and Magazine are both stamped with the Tula hammer

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