M91/30 Sniper Rifle

7.62 x 54r

  1944 Izhevsk (all Izhevsk parts)
All matching except bolt  and hand guard
(Complete description at bottom of page)

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The two "pins" are still installed for the "Base" and the other holes are tapped.




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Before cleaning





It is in excellent shape and has not been refurbished. There is no remaining original finish on the stock (if it ever had shellac at all). It is mostly a bare wood stock which has had oil on it from either the cleaning process of the rifle over the years or from storage (maybe). It is fairly dark in color.

It is sniper correct in every manner and finish.

Everything matches except the bolt. The bolt has a different number on it then the rest. It looks brand new. Now I know it isn't because it has wear marks on the side. It is not just "polished up" like a refurb is (and you can tell they usually have some grind marks left or rounded edges). This thing is crisp clean.

No counter bore. Muzzle is in excellent shape. Barrel is shinny clean and has nice rifling. Not new, but very well taken care of and not even close to worn out.

It has a scope number on the side of the shank, but has no base, mount or scope (typical of all Samco snipers, the Yugoslavians removed the scopes). Has two "pins" still installed and two threaded holes.

Lots of "dark grease" under the stock on the metal.

All the parts are Izhevsk arsenal parts including the barrel, two barrel bands, front nose cap, cleaning rod, all the sight parts, butt plate, mag housing, front sight, trigger, trigger spring/sear. Have not checked some of the smaller parts like the interrupter.

The replacement bolt has all Izhevsk arsenal parts including the cocking piece.

The barrel shank has all the "proof marks" high up to accommodate the scope numbers as a sniper should have.

This rifle has very little slack and a pretty light pull. Extremely smooth. Best of all I own on Mosins

It has a late war stock on it which is appropriate for a 1944 M91/30.

This is the rifle after installing a PU base, mount, and scope.

This is not considered "re-snipering" or "Bubba work" as the rifle is still in sniper configuration
and everyone knows these Yugoslavian PU snipers all had no optics on them when coming to the USA. No one is being "fooled"
and they are not considered "fakes".

Still, it is important to find the proper original parts when doing this. The base is a
Izhevsk base. The
Mount is a
Izhevsk mount without the electropencil engraving on the side of it. As this would indicate
refurbishment in Russia after WWII and these rifles were not refurbished. The scope should be either a
1943 or 44 "Progress"  without the refurb marks on it.

The hardest part of this operation is making the "base" work with the pins and holes already drilled in the rifle.
You never want to alter the rifle....ever!. You may be lucky (like me) and get one that fits.
Or you can keep trying till you do, or you can mess with a spare set of pins.

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Base Unit Mounted
Izhevsk base (Izhevsk marks on the side and "other" indications it is "real")



Mount and Scope coming soon!



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