Snaphaunce Lock Musket

Snaphaunce Lock Fowler
Barrel is three sections which are forged welded togeather.




 Very interesting feature on the lock is this face.
Just in front of the tang on the barrel is this 
"Crown" and letters. Some of the gold is still left on it.



Nice fluted stock.
The stock has two old worm holes.
Top of stock behind tang.
Brass inlet.



Ram rod barrel seems to be brazed on?
Brass barrel band.



Trigger guard 

Snaphaunce Lock Musket
Section 2

Snaphaunce Lock Fowler

The following images can be made larger by "clicking" on them.

The side plate is flush and only slightly inleted into the stock.

Side plate is varly thin gauge material.

Note: old screws going through side plate to hold lock on the other side.

Also the side plate is held on by two brass tacks, one in front and one on rear.
The rear tack is missing.

Closeup of one of a couple "worm holes" in the rear stock.

Rear Butt of gun. I didn't get a photo of the "Butt Plate" but half of it is missing and it is fairly thin.

Hard to see in this photo but, to the right of the brass barrel band (fancy piece)
is a pin holding the barrel to the stock.

As suggested possibly before, the barrel is not "shimmed" to the stock.

You can clearly see the "breach and tang" (one piece) attached to the rear of the barrel.
Small crack looking area.

The brass area behind the tang is not inlet as I said before.
It is surface applied and is held in by two tack which are indented into the brass ornament.
The heads of the tacks have been smoothed off flush with the surface of the ornament.
Very hard to see.
The material is varly thin which lead me to believe earlier it was inlet into the stock.
It might be inlet a little (very little) or it could be from old age.

No markings on lock that I could see with a jewlers loop.

Note: Frizzen spring is not sitting where it should be.
The front of it has moved up slightly in this photo.
I must have bumped it as it likes to jump up into that posision these days!

Note: Pan is not part of the lock plate.

Note: Some of the pieces obviously are missing.

There was at one time the linkage that opened the pan and it is gone.

This lock has been worked on at one time or another.
Probably a very long time ago by the patena still on all the parts.

Mo markings anywhere on the lock.
The screw holding the "Cock" or hammer on had a fancy pattern on it at one time.
With a jewlers loop I can see a flower type design on it which is just about worn off.
See photo below.

Lock Screw.

Note off set head on screw. It is common to see heads offset on old screws.

This is the only mark on the piece that I can see.

It is on the rear of the barrel on the top. In front of the tang.

I wish I could photograph this as clearly as I can see it with a jewlers loop.

It is clearly washed with gold which has almost completly worn off.

There is a "crown" on the top. Quite possibly a cross on the top of it, but it is hard to say positive about the cross.

Corrected reading of the stamp above

or "MOLAS"

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