Reloading for the Snider .577

This is just information, Take it for what it is, just information. This info is from another site where they helped me walk through different process and choices. These are the choices I made.

I'm on purpose leaving some things out like how to cast bullets. That information is all over the internet and takes a good deal of room.


1) Cut the case down to just under 2" with a small chop from 24 ga shot shells from Magtech.

2) Check them for length. (under 2")

3) Clean up all the edges with very fine sandpaper

4) Anneal the cases. I use this setup so it will rotate the case in the flame.

5) Lube the cases

6) form the case

7) open the end up just a little to allow the bullet to start. I have a special setup custom made

8) Check the casings in the breach to make sure they fit.

9) Install the primer

10) Items need to cast your own bullet

.590 Paradox Snider Mold
I have a mold from Red River Ricks. A 58 cal paradox bullet it is .590 after casting.

.590 Paradox Snider bullet after casting

11) Using a double boiler, heat mixture of 50% beeswax and 50% olive oil (softens the bees wax)

 Rounds in pie pan ready for lube

12 Lube poured in to above groove and is setting up

13) Place the pie pan in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then just push the bullets out of the lube that has set up.

14) measure (by weight) 70 grains of FFG black powder and place it in each case.

15) Measure out 2.6 to 2.8 grains of carded wool

Carded Wool

16) Put it in the case and fluff it up as it goes in
Rounds ready for bullet. You can use a press (I do) to press in the bullets. Some do it by hand.

Finished Rounds

Photo below left to right
1. full 24 ga. shot shell, 2. cut down to 2", 3. annealed, 4. neck sized down and polished

After I was done, I checked them in the my Snider Carbine. One at a time. I found two that would not chamber and close the breach. I noticed the very end of the case was flared out. I rolled that on the counter top and removed that flare and they both chambered fine.