Chinese T53
7.62 x 54r Cal.

  No Import marks
Possible Vietnam Bringback

This is the rifle after cleaning.

Top rifle is a Russian M44
Bottom Rifle is the Chinese T53



Before Cleaning.

I wanted to clean the rifle (especially the rust) without changing the character of the rifle.
After all, it is a Vet.

 Chinese T53_001




 Has a splinter out of it, but it's still there so I can repair that.



 All the metal parts that are "hard" in the stock are rusted underneath.
This sling escusion is lifting because of the rust.

Had to remove the barrel band spring on the rear band to get the band off.
In the hole is nothing but rust.

 I battled with the cleaning rod for 30 minutes to get it unscrewed to take it out.
It has not been removed for a long long time.

 The receiver and barrel shank are in very good condition.

 Pitts under the barrel

 The bore was a sewer pipe. Really bad. 4 hours of cleaning.

I removed every metal part to clean the rust and remove the rust from the stock. I tried not to change the character of the wood, so I scraped the rust off that was caked on and tried not to damage the wood. I then cleaned it with a mild cleaner. That got most of the sticky stuff off after about 3 cleanings. So I didn't want to remove any color from the stock so I stopped and put a coat of Finn wax on and that made it nice enough to handle without doing anything to the finish. So that is where I stopped.

Before and after of same sling slot. Removed and rust eliminated.

Bottom rifle is the T53 finished.
The rifle on top is a Russian M44 that also has seen some hard times

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