M65 Bazooka
Overall Length: 70"
3-1/2" Tube
•Spanish Manufactured
Original Optical and Bipod
Deactivated to BATF Specs
2-pc. Take-down Construction
•No FFL Required
About the M65:








Instalza 88.9mm Rocket Launcher (Spain)

The 88.9mm rocket launcher is an antitank weapon that was designed to perform also as light artillery, firing antipersonnel rounds against unprotected troops. Featuring very little recoil, it can easily be used by one man and rapidly moved from point to point.
The system can utilize three different types of ammunition: the CHM-81L antitank rocket, the MB-66 antitank and antipersonnel rocket, and the FIM-66 smoke rocket. With the CHM-81L the system has a maximum range of 600meters (1,968 ft) against fixed targets and 450meters (1,476 ft) against moving targets; comparable ranges for the MB-66 round are 1,000 and 300 meters (3,280 and 984 ft), respectively.

Overall weight of this system is 6 kilograms (13.2 pounds). It includes a two-power opticle sight.

The Instalaza 88.9 mm M65 anti-tank rocket launcher is a Spanish-developed weapon with an electromagnetic firing mechanism and a sight unit fitted with an adjustable light source to illuminate the graticule for night sighting.

The electrical connection between the round and the launcher is established automatically during loading.

There are three types of ammunition available: CHM65 anti-tank, MB66 anti-personnel/anti-armour and FIM66 smoke/incendiary.

The launcher and its ammunition are produced by the same manufacturer.

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