Electronic Bore Cleaner or Electrolysis Bore Cleaning

The electronic bore cleaner is simple to build and use. Connections  of  power supply to the rifle is critical and polarity must be correct or it will not function properly.

Please: Use this at your own risk. I am not sure of the out come if you were to leave this in your barrel for long periods of time. I am aware of commercial kits that are exactly the same thing, so they appear to be safe, but I only use this for short periods at a time. So be cautious. Myself, I would remove the stock before doing this process. Just to be safe.

Stainless Steel Rod   (long enough to stick out the muzzle of the rifle and the funnel)
Alligator clips (two)
Plastic Funnel
Rubber stopper (that fits tight in the breech of the rifle)
Power Supply (this can be a couple of D cell flash light batteries or a old 6volt (+ or -) cell phone charger

Cleaning solution:
1/2 water
1/4 White Vinegar
1/4 Ammonia

jaz5833  (of Gun Boards, used with permission)

     "I drilled a small hole part way through a rubber stopper and inserted the stainless rod into that hole. I placed a small rubber   "O ring" on the rod and positioned it at the point where it would be on center in the barrel, so the rod could not come in contact with the metal of the barrel. Then I inserted the rod through the chamber end until the opposite end with the rubber stopper closed off that side of the barrel.

Now, I placed the funnel over the rod that now protrudes from the muzzle continuing on into the barrel. After taping off the funnel to prevent leaks the barrel is now ready to accept liquid.

I filled it up to the point where I could see about 1/4" of liquid in the funnel. That way I could tell if there was anything leaking from the chamber end.

Hook up the negative wire to the inserted rod and the positive wire to any point on the barrel. It is important to not let the rod come into contact with the barrel because there would be a short between the + and the - wires.

Done correctly there should not be any heat generated.


     Here is the setup ready to go

     After 5 minutes of cleaning

     After 10 minutes of cleaning

     After 15 minutes of cleaning

     Fluid and rod after cleaning first time

     Fluid and rod after second cleaning

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