Alameda Fiberglass
Makers of Fiberglass dune buggy bodies.

On this page is the two styles that they made
Older "Standard Body" and the newer "Pickup bed"

2056 Clement St. Alameda, California
This is the building Alameda Fiberglass was in. It is now a welding shop.
They made boats and buggies from the mid 60's to the mid 70's.
Mid 70's they moved to the foot of the San Mateo Bridge in Hayward, CA. where they still made buggies (very few) and then quit.

This is a later model (around 1973?) of Alameda Fiberglass. They added a pickup bed model in the 70's
Also they offered the side skirts and rear engine cover as an extra, which this buggy has.

The top was from a standard buggy that was "cut down" to fit the pickup body.
You can see the seam in the fiberglass just to the rear of the halfway point.




Rear engine cover (fiberglass) was an extra



This is Archie Rundle. He worked at Alameda Fiberglass until it moved.
Here he is 87 years old and this is his buggy.


It uses a flat "pancake style" engine, but a standard engine will also fit.

These photo's are of the original "standard body" buggy that Alameda Fiberglass started with.



Dash is flat.



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