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Dune Buggie and Sandrails

Corvair Powered Glass Body Dune Buggy

Built 1968-69 from a 1963 Chevrolet Corvair. There is no VW parts in it. All Corvair running gear and front end.
Alameda Fiberglass built this body in 1968.
Custom made frame was built 4 times before getting the geometry right.

First built in 1968 by my Father and I when I was 15 years old.
Rebuilt in 1995 by myself and my son, when he was 15 years old.


72"(6' - 0") wide out side to outside of rear wheels.
80" (6' - 8") wheel base center to center.
In the rain it sometimes has a hard time trying to decide which way is forward.
Of coarse I don't take it in the rain much!
Tuned headers.


Original Moon gas pedel with hydraulic throttle.
CNC pedel assy.
Upholstery also goes down the sides on the inside.
(See behind pedals on left photo and far side of drivers seat on right photo.)



1963 Monza Engine. Magnesium fan blade and bus oil cooler.
The rear transaxle is from a 1963 Corvair Monza, but the axles were from a Corvair bus. This allowed me a wider track and 5 lugs.
Generator was removed and an alternator was installed.
1965 Ford Mustang tail lights.

Offenhausser valve covers and full headers were added in the rebuild

Corvair Power!!!!!!!!
1963 Monza 110 HP 6 cylinder air cooled motor.

This buggy is able to pull a "wheel stand" into 2nd gear (of coarse I never do that on the street, anymore)

Here is some of the cost to build this buggy back in 1968 - 1969
Check out the cost of the body, I think the guy almost gave it to me!

1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza (used)
Corvair Van Rear Hubs and Spindles (used)
Concord Auto Dismantlers
Fiberglass Seat Backs (two)
 Lane Metal Finishers (Oakland)
Naugahyde seat covers (black, two)
 Lane Metal Finishers (Oakland)
Headlights (chromed , pair) 
 Lane Metal Finishers (Oakland)
Fiberglass body
(metal flake with diamond dust)
 Alameda Fiberglass
Alameda, CA.
Mustang Rear Tail Lights (set, pair)
Sunvalley Ford
Glass Pack Mufflers and Pipes
Jim's Muffler Service
Wiper motor (VW used)
Taylors Auto Salvage
Rear View Mirror
(windshield suction cup type)
Mirrors (on fenders, pair)
Chrome Roll Bar
Lane Metal Finishers (Oakland)
Stewart Warner

Wow !!!  Big money to a 15 year old!!

Other Interesting Items
(not connected to this buggy)
Crown Manufacturing Company Catalog 18
These are doc files, click on them to view or download

page 3......."How To Build A "Bulletproof" VW Transaxle"

page 17....."Corvair To VW Adapter Kits"   &    "Method No. 1   Reversed Ring Gear"

page 18....."Method No. 2    Reversed Engine"

page 19....."Corvair Engine and Transaxle to VWKit"

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