Revolutionary War Cannon Balls
12 pounders
(around 4"plus)

Dug by Professor Dunn of NY University. Both 12 pounders.
The one on the left is British (you can see the British "broad arrow mark")
The one on the right is American and was shot from the USS Revenge (only American 12 pounder)
Both cannon balls were fired during the battle of Valcour Island
on Lake Champlain October 11 1776

British 12 pounder cannon ball     American 12 pounder cannon ball broadarrow mark

British 12 pounder cannon ball broadarrow mark
British Broad Arrow Mark

The naval Battle of Valcour Island, also known as the Battle of Valcour Bay, took place on 11 October 1776, on Lake Champlain in a narrow strait between the New York mainland and Valcour Island during the American Revolutionary War. It is generally regarded as the first naval battle fought by the United States Navy. Although the American ships under the command of Benedict Arnold were mostly destroyed, the campaign delayed by one year the British attempt to cut the colonies in half and eventually led to the British military disaster at Saratoga in 1777.

Both cannonballs have all papers proving who dug them and where they were found and signed by
Professor Dunns Daughter who was an archivist on the same expidition.

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